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Crafted Elegance
Introducing PHOEHN, a candle as unique as your essence.

Join the exclusive launch of 100 meticulously handcrafted candles, a homage to Italian artisan mastery.
Our Story
Illuminating Memories
Born from a profound moment of inspiration, PHOEHN was sparked by the quiet voice of Maxine's late brother, who urged her to shine a light for the world to see. Inspired by this idea, Maxine, together with her partner Elisa, founded PHOEHN—a luxury home fragrance brand meticulously handcrafted in Italy.
The name PHOEHN, a breeze that passes through the alps, reflects the timeless beauty of Italian elegance at the heart of our company. All of our products are manufactured & packed in our studio based in Lombardy, Italy.
Handmade in Italy
'Handmade in Italy' is more than a label for us—it's our standard. We go beyond the basic 'Made in Italy' requirements. Every part of our PHOEHN candles, from the vessel to the packaging, is genuinely Italian-made.

We honour the age-old traditions of Italian and European craftsmanship. Our materials, like our soy wax and our hand made cases are sourced from our trusted Spanish and German artisans.

Our high standards let us work with the best local artisans and industry experts. We believe in making products that align with our values. If it doesn't, we won't make it.
Limited Signature Edition
To satisfy the tastes of even the most discerning candle aficionados, we periodically introduce limited editions to our candle range.

Our limited editions are bespoke home objects of art for candle lovers. As passionate candle enthusiasts, we understand the joy of owning unique objects characterized by the highest quality materials and renowned Italian craftsmanship—traits the world has come to know and trust.

When is the launch?

We will be launching on Monday, October 30th.

Is this 100% Made in Italy?

Yes! We mix, pour and formulate in our studio, this is why our candles are made in small batches. Our vessels are hand made in Italy and our beeswax is also Italian sourced.

How many limited edition candles are available?

We will be running 100 limited editions with our signature and the number as collector items.

What is the price?

Our luxury candles are €95 and come with a lid and a collectible hand made box.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping is free within Italy. For all other countries please see our shipping rates here.

3 Simple Steps to Get Your Candle

Own a piece of PHOEHN artistry.
With only 100 uniquely signed candles available, this is an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of PHOEHN's luxurious artistry.
Don't miss out.
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